Osiris is a C++ GUI toolkit, forked from Qt at version 2.3.2. It is fast, simple, and aesthetically lacking. However, it is still a highly functional toolkit and runs on modern Linux systems.

The primary use is providing a toolkit for MiDE (our fork of KDE1), due to licensing issues and some other issues with Qt version 1. However, it is a great way to bring other legacy applications back to life – both those using Qt1 and Qt2 (and there’s nothing stopping you from using it to write new applications either).

Getting Osiris

Osiris is currently not packaged for most distributions, meaning you’ll need to build it from source yourself. The exception is for Libranext Linux 4.0 alpha 3.x series, which you can install it from the official Libranext repository.

Current stable release: Osiris 2.4.1. You can download it from its release page here.

Current development release: Osiris 2.4.2. It’s not recommended to use this unless you know what you are doing. You can checkout the branch here.